Contributor Directory

We have started this directory to ensure that women’s research, voices and stories are not invisible in the areas of Scottish heritage, archaeology, built environment and of course history! If you are looking for a speaker, writer or contributor in one or more of the areas mentioned above  – you can find them here.



Aileen McKay: Aileen is a Scot based between Berlin and London: she’s a feminist, a tutor, an editor, a solo long-distance cyclist, and – most recently – a history writer. Her current project is pulling together a national history of Scotland using the stories of brilliant women, from the ephemeral Gruoch, first Queen of Scots (the one who made Macbeth royal and kept Moray at peace), to the ballsy Greenock factory workers and their triumphant 1983 occupation for better working conditions. Aileen loves a challenge, so is always open to suggestions for her next adventure. Keywords: feminism, adventure, history, Scotland, writing, LGBTQ+



Margaret Hyland:  Margaret is a graduate of the University of St Andrews (MA Mediaeval History) and the University of Edinburgh (MSc Celtic and Scottish Studies). My research focus is currently the musical lives of women who worked as herring gutters in the Scottish fishing industry from the mid-19th to mid-20th century, specifically their work songs. I am also interested in women in the global Middle Ages and run an art and research project called Women of 1000 AD. Keywords: fishing, music, medieval, Scots, Gaelic, work song.