What we do

Outwith our full-time PhD’s, we specialise in researching, designing and delivering various heritage events including public engagement talks, tailored workshops and publications.



Scottish Women: How should we celebrate them?  Interactive workshop held at Paisley Arts Centre as part of the Paisley 2021 and Townscape Heritage and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme 2 bid (TH.CARS2)  (November 2017)

100 Voices – Celebrating International Women’s Day  an interactive workshop for Adult Learning in South Lanarkshire. (March 2018)

Jessie Newbery & the impact of women on Paisley’s design heritage, an interactive workshop held at Paisley Art Centre as part of The Scottish Mental Health Festival and TH.CARS2. (May 2018)


Glasgow’s Victorian and Edwardian Swimming Baths, Glasgow City Heritage Trust, public lecture with question and answer session. (2014)

Stained Glass in Glasgow: Colour and Light, Glasgow City Heritage Trust, public lecture with question and answer session. (2015)

 It’s All About Alf: An Introduction to Alf Webster Windows, Alf Webster: Glasgow’s Lost Genius Conference, Websters Theatre (formerly Lansdowne Church) in Glasgow. (2015)

Penny for the Boatman, walking tour of Glasgow’s Necropolis. (2015)

HERstory: Influential Women of Glasgow’s Southside, public heritage talk at House for an Art Lover. (2017)

HERstory: Influential Women of Glasgow, public heritage talk for Doors Open Day at St. Andrews in the Square. (2017)

HERstory: Influential Women of Glasgow, public talk with Glasgow City Heritage Trust at Glasgow City Chambers. (2017)

HERstory: Influential Women of  Glasgow’s West End, as part of The Centre for Open Studies, The University of Glasgow. (February 2018)


Fivers, Footnotes & Frivolous Language: Women and Scottish History, The Drouth, Issue 58, published Spring 2017.

Women and the Scottish past and present – how do we properly pay homage and why?: This article can be found on Bella Caledonia, published in August 2016.

Govanhill Baths: Architecture Essay: This essay was commissioned for inclusion in United We Will Swim: 100 Years of Govanhill Baths, published by Luath Press in March 2015.





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