Websters theatre, Glasgow

Websters Theatre, formerly Lansdowne Church. Photographs taken by Rachael and Karen.

Karen and I were lucky enough to be granted access to Websters Theatre (formerly Lansdowne Church), in order to photograph the stained glass.  After clambering over pews and old pieces of church furniture it was well worth getting covered in dust to get some fantastic images.  A post on the stained glass in the building will follow, but this post aims to give you a brief overview of what’s being done with the former church.

Websters Theatre, formerly Lansdowne Church. Photographs taken by Karen and Rachael.

The building is currently under renovation by the Four Acres Charitable Trust, the same group responsible for the transformation of Cottiers, now a popular West End theatre with restaurant and bar which holds events all year round.  Lansdowne Church is being shown the same care and attention by the Trust, and we even got a sneak peek at the beautiful new bar area, when it’s finished it really will be gorgeous!  The aim of this project is to preserve this stunning Gothic Revival building, whilst also maximising the use of the space within for both the surrounding community and visitors.  It will no doubt be a success given its location directly across from Kelvinbridge Subway Station on the bustling Great Western Road.

Inside Websters Theatre, in the upper gallery. Photographs taken by Karen and Rachael.

Many thanks to David Robertson, the man tasked with Lansdowne’s renovation, for access.  For any more information on the Trust, or on Websters or Cottiers, see the links below. http://www.cottiers.com/history/four-acres-charitable-trust/ http://www.cottiers.com/history/restoration-work/ http://www.cottiers.com/history/four-acres-charitable-trust/landsdowne-church-restoration/   Rachael


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