The First Glasgow’s Gilded Age Conference

Karen and myself have been working like women possessed over the past couple of months on The Gilded Age Projects inaugural conference, and we are proud to announce that the conference has just this minute sold out!

We will be receiving 110 attendees tomorrow in the gorgeous main hall at Cottiers, for a truly fantastic day of lectures (and cake) before collapsing in a heap at five when proceedings end.  I am sure we will manage to make our way to the bar at the end of the hall before vacating the premises though… A celebratory drink is very much deserved!

We will post an update and let you know how the conference went (without a single hitch hopefully), and normal service of a blog posts on a more regular basis will now resume as the conference becomes but a glorious memory and not a terrifying red cross on our calendars.  Why on earth did we decide to do another in November this year!?  But more on that later, and back to drinking caffeine.

The History Girls Frae Scotland, over and out!


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