100 Years of Govanhill Baths: Book and Archive Launch

On Thursday 19th March at Govanhill Baths, the Community Trust celebrated the launch of a publication, exhibition, and archive in aid of the Baths centenary.  Below are some details about the projects, forgive me for not posting about these till now, I’m only a few…ahem…months late, but we have been rather busy with a certain conference you may have heard us mention in passing…

The permanent archive at the Baths ‘houses a broad collection of materials related to the physical building, it’s users, the campaign to save it, and its current use as a community hub.’  It will be available online with ‘a selection of material from before and after closure.’

There is also a lovely permanent display area designed by NORD Architecture, ‘which will show a range of material in the collection including newspaper clippings, photos objects and documents.’

The publication, entitled United We Swim: 100 Years of Govanhill Baths, ‘documents the rich, diverse and inspiring story of Govanhill Baths and the community that it serves.  It includes seven newly commissioned essays, with a foreword by Lesley Riddoch and an introduction by Andrew Johnson, Chair of the Govanhill Baths Community Trust…  The book is published by Luath Press, and is available to buy from the Baths and in all good bookshops.’  I am proud to say that I was commissioned to write one of these seven essays, specifically on the architecture of the Baths, as I discussed in a previous blog post, link below.  I had a lovely time at the launch and it was a very proud moment to finally hold the book in my hands!  I of course thanked my fellow History Girl Karen in the acknowledgements for all her help on the exhibition which led to me getting this wonderful opportunity.

The Book itself! Taken by Rachael.
Spot Karen’s name… Taken by Rachael.



Long may the work of the Baths Community Trust continue!

Link to previous Post on the Baths: https://thehistorygirlsscotland.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/govanhill-baths-glasgow/

Link to the Govanhill Baths Community Trust Website: http://www.govanhillbaths.com/

And finally a link to the Luath Press website in case you fancy buying yourself a copy of the book itself http://www.luath.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=govanhill+baths


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