Celebrating Scotland’s urban heritage


We were lucky enough to attend a bloody fantastic double lecture by the Scotland’s Urban Past and The Discovering the Clyde teams last week. Both projects are awe-inspiring RCHAMS (Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland) projects.

Scotland’s Urban Past is a five-year nationwide project aimed at all communities within Scotland’s towns and cities, to try and get young and old alike, to engage with their built environment. I must say, the speakers (Chiara, Nicky & Carol) did a great job  illustrating the endless possibilities and fantastic projects available to everyone and anyone living within an urban hub.  We were shown great clips of skateparks, open doors projects and other really fun, exciting projects which clearly demonstrated that ‘heritage’ can mean one thing to one person but something completely different to another.  The team indicated that ‘our heritage’ or ‘my heritage’ really just means something that we feel a strong connection or passion too, something that we can directly engage, love and care for; whether it be building, ruins, parks or derelict spaces.

To find out how to get involved or just to find out more, please click here.


The second lecture by Alex Adamson, from the Discovering the Clyde project, presented to the audience all the different possibilities (both present and past) of the River Clyde. Alex illustrated that the Clyde was not just a river, but clearly a way of life of the people who lived by, worked on and interacted with the river. Again, he linked it back to the sense of heritage; heritage of the shipbuilders, heritage and connections with defence and WWII and of everyday domestic life. The Clyde is the heartbeat of Glasgow, and this project clearly highlights the need for a better understanding and appreciation of this wonderful river which helped to kick-start Glasgow’s industrial and economic success!

To find out more about The Discovering the Clyde Project please click here.

Both lectures were a great wee treat, which stimulated hot debate and discussion! If you’re interested at all about either projects do not hesitate to contact either team. You truly cannot meet an nicer bunch of heritage advocates.

Both lectures were held on the 6th of August at Glasgow City Heritage Trust. To find out more about the Trust’s work and events please click here.

Cheers, K x


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