GSA Degree Show 2016


IMG_1714Last week both Rachael and myself were lucky enough to be invited along to the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2016. Although we very much enjoyed partaking in the free booze, we both managed to take some great photographs of the work displayed at the Reid Building and the fantastic fashion show.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Glasgow’s famous GSA degree show, the show features work from graduating students across the School of Design, School of Fine Art and the Mackintosh School of Architecture. Here is a wee peek at some of the work currently being shown as part of the Degree Show.  There is little descriptive text in this post because as the old saying goes – a picture paints a thousand words!

Rachael enjoying one of the stands a little too much. It involves some stationary by the way.


Wally dug inspired work from the interior design students.
Extreme close up!
A cheeky little freebie from the interior design students.


GSA Fashion show. Work by Daniel Tulloch.
Work by Daniel Tulloch.


Work by Alice Pinchbeck.
Work by Alice Pinchbeck
Work by Eve Eloul.


Work by Rachael McMurray. This image does NOT do this collection justice. In my opinion, and I think Rachael would agree, this was an absolutely  stunning collection. The finish on the garments was incredible!

I must say, that sadly we did not mange to make it down to the Tontine Building to  see the exhibition of Fine Art. But fear not! We shall have a second blog post solely dedicated to Fine Art in the upcoming week. If you would like to see some of the GSA Show, you can find out more here.  Pop along to the Reid Building, just off of Sauchiehall Street across from the Mackintosh Building OR the Tontine Building on Bell Street before the 25th June! Trust us, you will not be disappointed.



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