Summer Days – Feminist Research Methods


Although we have been organising our own Feminist Networks Study Day, last week we were lucky enough to attend the Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities (SGSAH) Summer School. The Summer School allows attendees to pick and choose which classes or workshops they wish to attend.

Adele, GWL Co-founder being fabulous!

We obviously jumped at the chance to attend the all-day workshop on Feminist Research Methods which was organised by The Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) and The Postgraduate Gender Research Network of Scotland if you don’t know who they are have a wee look at their site.

Up in the rafters meeting the Archival team.

It was a fun packed-day of presentations, guest speakers including the fantastic Dr. Valerie Wright, an archival visit and of course, a lot of networking. It is difficult to put into words exactly how good the day was – so, I thought I would just let the photographs speak for themselves.

Rachael discussing her research.

The event brought together gender researchers from all over Scotland which stimulated discussion regarding various research methods. It also posed the huge question – ‘What is a feminist researcher?’ If you wish to find out more about ‘Being a Feminist Researcher’ or the what exactly a feminist researcher is, why not try PhD candidate Lucie Whitmore’s  post on the SGSAH blog.

A selection of posters from the  current GWL exhibition Sisterhood is Powerful: Posters from GWL.

To find out more about The Glasgow Women’s Library Archival Collections which includes a range of fabulous pieces e.g. The National Roller Derby Museum, The Scottish Women’s Aid Collection, Jackie Magazines, and Scottish newspaper clippings etc. have a look on their website here.


Stay tuned next week for our overview of our Feminist Networks research day (29th June), organised in conjunction with The Glasgow School of Art and the Tate Britain sub-group. The event is funded by various bodies including SGSAH.







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