We need YOU – 2019 edition!


We need your help! As many of our readers know, we have become very, very busy recently and cannot always update the blog as frequently as we would like. We would, therefore, like to open our digital doors so to speak and invite contributions. So, if you have a piece of research, an opinion, book/exhibition review or an idea you would like to share on our page that you think matches our ethos, then do get in touch.

Possible exhibition reviews :

The Women, War & the West End Exhibition 

Visible Girls/Invisible Spaces

War & Peas: Feeding People in Times of Conflict

We are also always on the lookout for interviewees for our Period Chats series, so if you’d be up for taking part in that then let us know. We would be keen to hear from a variety of people from different industries, the only requirement is passion!


To submit a Guest Contributor blog post please provide:

  • Blog title
  • Blog post (500-1,000 words) discussing any issues relating to feminism, heritage, history, gender issues, education, exhibitions, or reviews/events relating specifically to Scotland. If it is a piece of research please ensure it is referenced and written for a general audience.
  • A brief personal bio
  • 3-4 photographs to accompany the text which you own the copyright of.

Look forward to hearing from you!  Thehistorygirlsscotland@gmail.com 

-Karen & Rachael


2 Comments Add yours

  1. M Cross says:

    Dear Rachael and Karen, I’m in awe of your energy and industry! I met you, I’m sure, at some GCHT events – I was at uni with Fergus Sutherland,so that lets you see how aged I am ….

    I’ve got various obscure items, including a talk I gave to an archivists AGM in Dundee this year, that might be relevant to you. It was called ‘Behind the Genius: Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Backroom Boys’, which was about a few of the artisans and human interest stories we came across in the Mack Architecture website. I explain that we looked for women makers, and only found 2, outwith the famous coterie of the well-known Glasgow Girls.

    I’d have to slightly modify it though, as it wasn’t about Margaret MacDonald, and it wouldn’t be – there are plenty of experts on her work, and I prefer her husband’s output, despite the fact she’s female (which is awkward!). There are lots of women’s stories embedded in the archive and documentary research I produce like the chatelaines of Partick Castle (yes, there were 3 castles there consecutively); the sisters who inherited a tower house at Glenboig in the early 18th century; the entirely female ownership of one of CRM’s smaller commissions in Glasgow (a few fittings for a house in the west end). Then there’s the OTHER businesswomen, while everyone concentrates on the interesting, but (like Margaret Macdonald), already very-well studied Miss Cranston. There were hundreds of other, smaller, more obscure or poorer women, who were in their own ways just as interesting.

    Let me know what you think Morag Cross Kirkintilloch ________________________________


    1. Hi Morag! Could you please email us at thehistorygirlsscotland@gmail.com. If not, I’ll see if Fergus has your email! Cheers, Karen


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