Magical Mystery Tour: Miller & Lang Publishing House, Pollokshields.

We have been lucky enough to have been sent these wonderful images from Roger and Helen Millar, who have very kindly granted us permission to use them in our campaign to help catalogue and preserve Glasgow’s wonderful built heritage. The following images are of the, exterior and interior,  Millar & Lang Publishing House on Darnely Street in Pollokshields.  The A- listed building was designed and executed by D.B.Dobson of Gordon and Dodson in 1901-03.

Exterior of the Millar & Lang Publishing House.
Exterior of the Millar & Lang Publishing House.

Miller & Lang19

The interior of the building is jaw-dropping, with mermaids, dragons, nymphs, fish, moths, bats and (magic?) mushrooms scattered throughout. The two images (below) of the detail of Japanese manner brass plates on the door, clearly demonstrate how wonderfully delicate, yet striking the interiors of the building actually are!

Carp detail on the interior door.
Carp detail on the interior door.
Bats, mushrooms and moths all on the brass of the interior door.

The stained glass by William Gibson Morton (1871-1946) again is in a league of it’s own! To find out more about William Gibson Morton click here.

Night/death stained glass panel.
Day/Life stained glass panel.
Miller & Laing 7
Mermaid stained glass panel

We are hoping to add these images to the Scottish Stained Glass database very soon! If you have any (good quality) images of stained glass, in Glasgow but don’t know what to do with them, The History Girls are more than happy to ensure that they will be added to the database in the very near future.

Thank you to Roger and Helen Millar from the Pollokshields Heritage Society.

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Further Reading:

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  1. It makes me wonder what the rest of the interior is like….feels like you would almost be stepping into a wonderland.x

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