Glasgow’s Gilded Age: Glamour and Grit 1864-1914

On the 8th of May a conference with a difference, being organised in part by ourselves, the History Girls, for the Glasgow City Heritage Trust, will be held at Cottiers Theatre and Restaurant in Glasgow’s West End.  Our aims and intended outcomes, and more details about the conference are written below:

‘The Gilded Glasgow Project will highlight those Glasgow designers who originally established the city’s reputation at the time of the Aesthetic Movement and Mark Twain’s so called Gilded Age. Glasgow’s international reputation for design and manufacture sprang forth from the city’s industries, as well as through its educational institutions, and as a result its influence spread across the globe through trade. This laid the foundation for Glasgow’s inimitable ‘style’. We want to invite our guests on a unique sensory experience, considering both the glamour and the grit of industrial Glasgow. Our speakers will be discussing a wide range of topics, including; the interiors of Glasgow’s finest buildings, architectural ornament and stained glass within the city, and the movers and shakers of both the artistic and industrial spheres.’

‘We believe that it is crucial to the promotion of Glasgow as a world city, and that through it we will be celebrating its vibrant artistic and industrial history, encouraging academic study of the period of this ‘gilded age’, and promoting Glasgow as a place for cultural and historic tourism.’


We are incredibly excited about this event, and will be launching a fantastic new website devoted to the conference and Glasgow’s Gilded Age itself very soon.  We have been working with Glasgow based graphic Designer Tea&Type, whose details are listed at the bottom of the post, she has created a logo for the conference and the larger project, and we hope you will think is as ingenious as we do.  More will be revealed on that front once final tweaks have been made.

We currently have a Facebook up and running, and will shortly have twitter and instagram accounts to go alongside it, all centred on our theme.  We will be inviting people to send us images of Glasgow’s finest buildings, interiors and art from the period using hashtags, which we will share across all platforms, raising awareness of the city’s wealth of heritage from the period.  For regular updates and more information on the confirmed speakers please visit our Facebook page, link at the bottom of the post.

And now for the big news, the tickets for this event are on saleNow!  You can purchase tickets through Eventbrite and through our website once it has gone live.  Don’t delay, this will be a great day out, whether you are a regular conference goer, an academic, student, or enthusiast keen to learn more about this important era in Glasgow’s history.

Eventbrite Tickes:…

Shirley Lochead, Graphic Designer under the name Tea&Type:

Glasgow’s Gilded Age Facebook page:

Glasgow City Heritage Trust:


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