SOLD OUT – HERstory Talk (Take Two)


Street names, buildings, statues – they often celebrate men, while the historical representation of women in Glasgow has been somewhat lacking. So in this talk we’ll be dusting off the history books to give the achievements of Glasgow’s women the recognition they deserve.

Shortly before the unveiling of the new statue in Govan on 17th November, we will hear from Dr Catriona Burness from the Remember Mary Barbour campaign about Mary Barbour, her activism and the public campaign to celebrate her achievements.


In the second half of the evening the History Girls Scotland, aka former GCHT staff members Rachael Purse and Karen Mailley-Watt, will delve into the fascinating history of Glasgow through more of its colourful, energetic and powerful female inhabitants including artists, designers as well as female ship- yard workers, activists and wealthy philanthropists.

The talk will take place at Glasgow City Heritage Trust on the 15th November at 6pm.

Tickets are £5 / free for GCHT Friends and can be purchased here.




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