The Glasgow Guild: Restoring Glasgow one seat at a time

The Glasgow Guild were featured in Homes & Interiors Scotland Issue 115

The Glasgow Guild are a company everyone should know, not only in Glasgow but world-wide. This bustling busy workshop which is situated above Singl-End in the Garnethill area of Glasgow is a wonderland of fabrics, furniture and beautifully eccentric chit-chat. Run by Jonathan Cokey and John Cowie, the Glasgow Guild is only four years old but you would never tell due to their attention to detail, both aesthetically and historically, which is always first class.

John hiding behind some amazing fabric.

On arrival their warm welcome and enthusiasm for Glasgow’s fantastic design history is infectious and you’re quickly swept into a Narnia of fabric samples from various suppliers and archives. The Company do a range of services including upholstery, furniture restoration and a wide range of furnishings all finished to an incredibly high standard.

Rachael and myself were lucky enough to get seats to their recent Doors Open Day event which they ran in collaboration with the Austrian fabric company Backhausen .

Rachael touching ALL the fabric.

The 165 year old Viennese institution has a massive archive of fabrics including designer pieces by Joesf Hoffmann and Koloman Moser. Dr Kiesling, owner of the company spoke about the archive, business and breathing life to designs which had been hidden in the archives for years.  And the Backhausen archivist showcased many of the fabric samples, which, wait for it… were allowed to touch!

Go on, buy a cushion!

On the 28th & 29th of October 2017, the Glasgow Guild will be having their first furniture sale at George Walton’s beautiful Aultwharrie in Dunblane. There will be a fabulous selection of cushions too! If you can’t make the sale, find out more about the Glasgow Guild here or follow them on Instagram @theglasgowguild – you will not be disappointed.

– Karen



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