We need YOU!


We need your help! As many of our readers know, we have become very, very busy recently and cannot always update the blog as frequently as we would like. We would, therefore, like to open our digital doors so to speak and invite contributions. So if you have a piece of research, an opinion, or an idea you would like to share on our page that you think matches our ethos, then do get in touch.

We are also always on the lookout for interviewees for our Period Chats series, so if you’d be up for taking part in that then let us know. We would be keen to hear from a variety of people from different industries, the only requirement is feminist passion.

To submit a Guest Contributor blog post please provide:

  • Blog title
  • Blog post (500-1,000 words) discussing any issues relating to feminism, heritage, gender issues, education, exhibitions, or events relating specifically to Scotland. If it is a piece of research please ensure it is referenced and written for a general audience.
  • A brief bio
  • 3-4 photographs to accompany the text which you own the copyright of.

Look forward to hearing from you!  Thehistorygirlsscotland@gmail.com 

-Karen & Rachael

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