Period Chats : Jenny Landreth


Last year we were lucky enough to talk to the wonderful Jenny Landreth at Arlington Swimming Baths as part of Book Week Scotland.  And drum roll please……..we can now share the recording from that night. Jenny, who is the author of Swell – A Waterbiography and The Guardian swimming blog, took us through the story of the determined women who demanded equal rights in the water, threw off their restrictive costumes and became Olympic champions, social heroes or just helped to change public opinion. Listen to the full interview here.


We also had the fabulous Glasgow Women’s Library (GWL) who showcased an array of amazing objects from their archive relating to sporting women; from 19th century women who found freedom through cycling, to the 2014 Commonwealth Games and today’s fast-growing female-dominated sport of roller derby. To discover some of the fabulous events GWL will be holding in 2018 click here.


Jenny’s book Swell- A Waterbiography can be purchased from all good books stores/online from £8.99 (paperback). This book, which both myself and Rachael would highly recommend even if you don’t class yourself as a swimmer, is filled with heartwarming personal stories and introduces the reader to some of the fantastically ballsy and brazen women who helped to propel the sport forward! A must read for 2018!


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